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According to the union’s current secretary general and presidential candidate Stephen McPhee, on Wednesday April 3 the Candidates Committee began its work of vetting each candidate and approving the list of candidates to contest the elections.

“At the end of the Candidates Committee’s deliberations and in accordance with the Union’s rules, I was provided with the outcome of the nomination process including the approved list candidates, and a comprehensive report which included verbatim interviews with nominees and advice from legal counsel. Four nominees were not approved and may exercise their rights as members of the BUT to appeal to the Elections Commission,” he said.

Candidates for area vice president for Grand Bahama are Quintin Laroda, Roy Roberts, and Vinson Rolle.

Area vice president candidates for New Providence are William McFord and Sharon Rahming.

Area vice-president candidates for the Northern Bahamas are Chantell Cox and Sandra Marshall-Forbes, with Annafaye Knowles running unopposed for the southern Bahamas.

Trustee candidates are: Margaret Major-Albury, Leason Burrows, Tanya Sears-Stubbs, and Haldane Stubbs. Executive member candidates are Charles Adderley, Tiffany Delancy, Virginia Johnson, Juliamae Johnson-Roberts, Dannica Martin, and Phillip Sturrup.

“On behalf of the Executive Committee and the members of the Bahamas Union of Teachers, I wish to thank the Candidates Committee for fulfilling its constitutional duty in accordance with Rule 9 of the Constitution, and for submitting the approved list of candidates who are eligible to contest the election on June 11 before the April 15 deadline,” Mr McPhee said. “On behalf of the Bahamas Union of Teachers, I also wish to thank all members who nominated for demonstrating interest in the leadership, growth and development of our great union.”