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President’s Message

This website provides the opportunity for members of the Caribbean Community to learn more of the struggles and achievement of member countries of the CUT. Not only would the use of this site help us to know and appreciate more about each other, but also it would serve to bring member units closer to each other. Let us join hands uniting our experiences, knowledge, commitment and endurance to continue to nurture a bright future of the children of the Caribbean.


Let us ensure that our voices and that of our unions continue to be heard on issues of quality education, as full professional partners in the decision-making processes. Let us strive for constructive social dialogue practices to be developed in every school for the children of the Caribbean.

We urge all governments to ensure that the conditions under which teachers work are brought up to the required standards because the working conditions of the teachers are the learning conditions of the learners.

Fellow Caribbean teachers, if our website is to continue and flourish, we need the commitment and hard work of everyone. This would include a wider variety of information via articles, photographs etc. to make our website a truly representative one. Articles and other information are also welcome from the ordinary classroom teachers throughout the region.  If you have done a teaching project, which you think was good and you want to share it with your Caribbean colleagues, send it to the website. Let us also know what you think about what we are doing.

Finally, let me thank all those who brought our website to where it is today. However, I must single out Mr. Leroy Hill of the Anguilla Teachers’ Union. Without Leroy’s support, dedication and confidence this website may not have become a reality. Our website is indeed an achievement. May it grow from strength to strength.

Long live the Caribbean Union of Teachers!

Marvin Andall
President, Caribbean Union of Teachers