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General Secretary’s Message

The CUT was founded in 1935 at a time when there were the efforts across the region to shake off the shackles of colonialism and commence the process of establishing self governing states.  The CUT is thus among the first efforts to establish unity among the peoples of the region.  That teachers and educators have led the way in this regard is of great significance.


The over arching aim of the organization is to provide the frame-work for co-operation and the exchange of ideas among teachers and education workers across the region.  Central to the achievement of this goal is an effective communication infrastructure. We believe that the use of modern information and communication tools is critical to the development of this communication infrastructure.  In this regard, I applaud our colleagues who have committed themselves to the development of an effective and information-rich website for the CUT.  It is our hope that all CUT member organizations will do their part in ensuring that the site will in fact be one of the means by which educators in the region will be able to share creative and innovative ideas with other colleagues so that we can build education systems throughout the region that will enable every child and young person to develop to the fullest extent all their potentials.

Adolph Cameron

General Secretary

February 26, 2008